Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid attempt 2

After my first attempt at using Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid surprisingly didn’t ruin my life – not so much of an over dramatisation after the L’OrĂ©al blue refused to shift until it was cut out. Using the dye mixed with conditioner did seem to work at subduing the initial Bleach London blue. I could […]


A life less wasteful

I don’t like new years resolutions as a rule, too much emphasis and pressure put on changes that you’re never going to follow through with or even remember after the 14th January. Maybe because it’s the end of the decade, maybe because I’m turning 30 this year, maybe there’s a planet chilling out somewhere that […]


Abstract painting for beginners – part two

Painting part one really did a decent job at quashing my fear of paint. Temporarily at least. I’m still very, very far from being a competent artist but does that really matter if you’re not hating life while you’re being creative? I tried to take a slightly different approach with this one. Slightly being the […]