Abstract painting for beginners – part one

Creating any kind of abstract art has been my biggest fear for just about as long as I can remember. For a somewhat creative person, I like rules and order far too much. Then Jenna Marbles came along with an abstract painting video. In true fan girl style, I had to copy. She also linked […]


Two Part Resin – what not to do

My recent experiments with UV resin made me curious to give two part resin another go. What can I say, I love a new project, a new medium and lets be honest, any excuse to spend a bit of money. EBay to the rescue. It has been such a long time since I used two […]


Craft: jewellery supplies part 2

When you’re not completely bossing your new hobby, what is the most logical thing to do?  Introduce your new credit card to the website where jewellery dreams are born – Cooksongold (definitely not sponsored by them, but completely wish I was).  My inner inspiration board is overflowing with ideas and beautiful potential products that are […]