Style: legs out challenge

After last weeks not so much of a challenge, challenge, this week I’m going to push myself so far out of my comfort zone I’m probably going to be questioning my sanity on a daily basis.

I hate to follow suit with female stereotypes, but I’ve always been self conscious about my legs. Shocker. I very, very rarely get my bare legs out in public. Culottes have been a recent break to this unwritten rule, but generally anything showing more than high ankle requires tights or long boots. This really is a stupid hang up. My mum once said when I was younger, you’ve got legs that work and get you where you want to be so be grateful not critical. That might not be word for word but it follows the general gist.

I’ve been going backwards and forwards on whether to attempt this, and I’ve finally decided my anxiety about showing a bit of leg skin is a little bit ridiculous and I need to get over it.

So, I still have to be at work and don’t fancy highlighting myself as a perv object (I work in the 1950s, it’s not right but it pays the bills). I’ve picked out a few things that do show skin but not too much. Think has to be the first self imposed challenge that has got me genuinely nervous. Fingers crossed on a confidence boost and not a trip down memory lane to school ground bullies.

Stay tuned!

Much love!




Style: Pinterest styling update

The week of Pinterest (officially) ruling my life is over. There’s no doubt it will still be unofficially ruling any spare time where I’m kidding myself that I’m being productive. There was plenty of inspiration on my boards, half the challenge was narrowing down my options and making decisions.

The weeks fashion inspiration. I had wanted to get more of a mix of styles, shapes and colours, but my wardrobe turned out to be more limiting than I expected.

I managed to keep my makeup inspiration pretty subtle but definitely different from my usual day to day attempt. Didn’t think the crazy colours would go down well at work so gave them a wide berth.

Hair was a struggle. I’m still on the search for styles that will actually work with hair as short as mine. Not going to lie, I did end up dreaming about growing my hair out.

Day one

Black trousers, striped top, peachy heels, bronze eyeliner, side parting with plait. I’d have liked this outfit so much more if the trousers weren’t too big, it was one of those where they felt fine when I got dressed but as soon as I started walking around, they were threatening to make me flash. The eyeliner was much more successful than I had expected it to be. It was surprisingly easy to make a flick with a fairly chubby soft pencil. Hair was a little bit meh by the end of the day, far too much heat going on.

Day two

Sandy culottes, black top, white trainers, rose gold eyeshadow, side parting. These trousers really don’t photograph well (I’m going with that over they don’t flatter me at all) very comfy outfit, definitely more of a casual day in the office than a polished day but that’s absolutely fine. Love this makeup. Very simple two shadows all over. The first time in years I’ve used my finger to apply eye makeup. Don’t think I did such a bad job on the days blow dry and didn’t end up dreaming of longer hair this night.

Day three

Cream wrap blouse, skinny blue jeans, flat peachy shoes, double eyeliner, front plait. I’m fairly certain I’ve worn this outfit to work before. In fact, I’m wearing this top in my website staff photo. That was before I had all my hair chopped off though so it still counts as a new look in my books. I liked the double eyeliner and think I somehow managed to do a pretty good job of in my opinion, but hay fever doesn’t agree with any eye makeup. By the end of the day I was looking a little bit smudged. Who doesn’t like a plait? I was pretty impressed all the short bits right at the start actually stayed in place all day.

Day four

Off-black skinny jeans, white sleeveless shirt, mauve? 3/4 length jacket, cream wedges, pinkish hair, smudged eyeshadow, darkish lip. This outfit was a lot nicer in my head. In real life I felt more like a cross between a member of the Addams family and a school girl trying to make her uniform look not like a uniform at the end of the day. When I first did my eyes, I looked a bit like I’d woken up after a late night having not taken my makeup off. By the end of the day, I didn’t hate it so much. Hair, how can you go wrong with a bit of pink?

Day five

Black culottes, white textured box top, black velvet boots, mini quiff, gold lower lash shadow, fine black flick. This outfit felt a lot better all day than I expected it to. I’d forgotten about these boots but think they gave the outfit that extra fancy bit to stop it being a standard boring outfit. I was very impressed with my eyeliner. I think this was the first time I’d managed to get both sides even and thin, usually the flicks end up a lot chunkier in an attempt to get them to match.

I felt pretty put together this week. Got quite a few compliments for looking smart, although the standards in my office are set pretty low. Every morning I felt like I had too much going on around my eyes, but consistently by about lunchtime I was feeling it a lot more and sometimes think I could have gone further. It could have just been my fault for the pins I chose, or Pinterest’s for what it brings up for workwear but everything was very safe and simple. It could just be that’s the socially acceptable office uniform, which is fine, it’d just be nice to mix in some colours and textures in the future maybe. Life’s too short to be safe and simple. The next challenge is going to have to be a lot more challenging I think.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: challenge rejects, hair

After yesterdays makeup attempts that were absolutely no use for the weeks challenge, I thought I’d share a few hair fail/attempts as well.  It’s probably very clear that these were not inspired by Pinterest.  These are the results of getting very distracted and seeing what my little hair can do.

I’d like to name these two ‘The Cartoon Child’ and ‘The Oversized Minion’.  The dungarees really set off these styles I think.  I love the way my hair sticks straight up with literally no coaxing at all.


It’s amazing the power a bit of dry shampoo holds.  It has the power to hold my hair straight up.  Sometimes slightly out at angle.  These could be called ‘The Three Stages Of Jedward’


Then the gel came out to play.  I don’t really know what to say about these three.  My hair hated every second and did its best to resist any style.  I don’t blame it.


I’d like to say my hair for the weeks challenge has been a million times more successful.  There’s a good chance I’d be stretching the truth every so slightly. I’ll let you all be the judges when the update is ready, but rest assured the hair gel was kept far away every morning.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: challenge rejects, makeup

At the weekend I set myself a super hard challenge.  If you’re interested, you can read all about it.  Prep for the week obviously had to include Pinterest and a bit of experimentation. This can only leave room for some rejected looks.  Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest fail?  In fact, I’m going to be kind to myself and say they’re just experiments that need further work.

These four looks are the ones I was attempting.  Not work appropriate at all.  No good for the week styling challenge at all, but good for breaking the week up.  All work and no play and all that.

(Please excuse my peeling.  I spent a very irresponsible day in the sun without any sun cream and am still paying for my stupidity.)


Look number one.  Nice little pink swoop and a frosty blue inner corner.  I was quite impressed with myself for getting a straight line.  There’s a first time for everything.


Look number two.  Red lines and a big cat eye flick.  This was a pain.  Eye shadow failed completely but lipstick came to the rescue.


Look number three.  Little red bag.  Who doesn’t love to accentuate their under eye circles with a nice red swoosh?


Look number four.  Little orange inner bag.  It could be because I feel like I’m looking crazy tired this week, but there’s some weird attraction to these bag coverups.  Lipstick may not be the best thing to go near eye balls though.


Don’t panic, I have taken the rest of the week more seriously and have actually attempted to follow the nice day to day makeup options available for pinning.  I just don’t think I will ever get bored of the makeup on Pinterest.  Maybe one day I’ll have to try one of these looks in the outside world.  Until then, maybe I’ll just have to stick with practicing new techniques and colours in the safety of my own house.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: Pinterest styling

I’m setting myself up for my hardest challenge yet.  Hair, makeup and outfits.  All Pinterest inspired.  All at the same time.  Such a challenge, I know.  I have spend many, many hours over many years pinning things I like and never really doing all that much with anything.

I’m mainly dressing for work this week.  That place is enough to drive anyone crazy, so it is quite nice to have the distraction of thinking about absolutely anything else.  I’ve definitely got a couple of key styles that I keep being drawn towards.  Skinny jeans and a nice top.  Wide leg trousers and little tops.  Everything needs to be office appropriate (i.e. not something that will give an old man a heart attack or an opportunity to perv.  I want to try and mix it up over the week though and not end up with basically the same outfit in a slightly different version.

pinterest fashion board

Hair styles do seem quite limited with super short hair, so fingers crossed on this one.  I’ve pinned quite a few blonde/coloured styles so that will be a good way to mix up the week.  There’s also a bit of texture and plaiting go on which I think will give plenty of scope for different hair everyday.  As long as I don’t end the week hating how short my hair is and wanting to grow it out, everything will be okay.

pinterest hair board

I will admit, recently I have been tending to get distracted by the crazy makeup on Pinterest.  Looking back to before I got addicted to the weird, there are actually quite a lot of sophisticated looks that are a lot more polished than my usual 5 minute job.  Hopefully they won’t be too difficult and I won’t find myself getting stressed out and wanting to get back into bed.

pinterest makeup board

So, I’m going to give myself a slight break with this challenge (or I could be making things harder here), I’m going to broaden the title to ‘Pinterest inspired/Pinterest worthy’.  I don’t really think that is going to make anything any easier on a practical level, but hopefully it will on a psychological level.  How much am I kidding myself right now?  Currently I don’t have any looks planned out at all, I think the plan is to swap my morning snooze for a quick Pinterest session to find my inspiration for the day.  What could go wrong?  Anyway, hopefully this week is going to be spent feeling like a well polished, functional adult.  I’m well aware being a proper adult is about way more than how you look, but it’s a pretty easy (and fun) thing to play around with.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: budget styling update

Quick recap, the aim of this week was to attempt to style accessories that have been buried in the back of my wardrobe for far too long. Not convinced how successful it has been, I’ll let you all be the judges.

Day 1

So this is the newest disregarded item to enter the wardrobe. It came from ASOS a few months ago and the label has just come off. This challenge came at the perfect time (I wonder who planned that?). My hair drier broke and I discovered how hard my hair is to style with out heat. It’s basically impossible. Cue the headband. So the rest of the outfit was a bit meh and did make me feel a tad bit frumpy but at least my head was kind of sorted out.

Day 2

This belt has been hanging around for maybe 4 years, I really don’t think I’m exaggerating there. I thought I’d play it safe with the rest of the outfit. That definitely doesn’t mean I chickened out. It’s not like I wore the exact same things the week before. I think the belt worked at making me look less like I’m in pyjamas, but on the other hand it also felt less like being pj comfy.

Day 3

I think this may have been a Topshop bargain about 8 years ago. (I’m starting to feel very old). Kind of loved this little mix up with this great little faux suede skirt I found in the charity shop. The necklace needs to go though. For the first half of the day I sounded like I was wearing a cow bell, the second half I had to tuck it into my skirt before it drove me crazy. I think it’s been hanging around long enough without any purpose, it’s time to be dismantled and maybe have a shot at a new life. Who knew old jewellery had so many possibilities? Maybe.

Day 4

This day was a fail. My plan was to wear the metallic shoes. For more than 2 minutes. I bought them just before Christmas and haven’t dared to wear them. Not for any kind of ‘out there’ factor but because they have to be the most uncomfortable things in the world. I was running late this morning and trying to get one foot in one shoe was more than enough to put me off. These definitely need to go. Very soon.

Day 5

This belt (magically) appeared about the same time as the previous one. It still had the label on. Didn’t completely hate how this looked. It was ridiculously uncomfortable though. I sat in the car and it felt like I had a mini corset on. That might be slightly dramatic but the whole thing was so rigid. I feel like this might have to be evicted from the house.

This hasn’t felt like the most successful or mood boosting fashion week. On the bright side I’ve found some things I can get rid of and a new wall (minus a skirting board) to pose in front of. This could be the slowest way to have a wardrobe clear out.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: budget styling

After a recent adulting session of going through my finances, I realised what little spare cash I have at the moment. Nothing to worry about, but definitely no room for a cheeky ASOS shop. The fact I literally have a room for my clothes should suggest I don’t need to buy anything new. Who can resist though?

I’m a general nightmare for buying things I’m not too sure about and never quite getting around to sending them back. The amount of tags and unused items isn’t absolutely appalling, but it isn’t great either.

Clothes are the usual focus of these little self imposed challenges but I think I’m the absolute worst for buying accessories and chickening out of wearing them. It could just show how lazy I am that I can’t get it together enough to put anything on after clothes.

I had a very quick rummage and grabbed the first five things I’m pretty sure have never seen the light of day. Two belts, a necklace, a headband kind of thing, and some very metallic shoes.

Absolutely no idea how I’m going to style these things, and I’m fairly sure I’m setting myself up for a massive fail. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to pull something out of the bag, otherwise these pieces are getting evicted.

Stay tuned!

Much love!