No more nail biting : update part 1

I can’t say there was any real victory about the last week apart from I’ve managed to do 8 days without getting a clip round the ear or a black eye from Hannah…its very true that old habits die hard. I’ve not noticed myself biting my nails at any point but then, on the other hand (no pun intended) I can’t see any real improvement. 

I’ve made an effort to moisturize, keep my cuticles tidy and file. I haven’t bothered with nail varnish but I think I should start. Maybe if they look bold I will take even more care making them look good and therefore not picking or biting them. 

This week’s challenge is to pick a bold colour that I wouldn’t usually go for and make it last all week.

If any one has any tips on how to break the habit or how to make varnish last longer than 2 days please leave a comment and help a girl out ✌
Much love

Lizzy xx


Style: no nail biting challenge 

Since my name has been mentioned on here a few times already I should probably introsuce myself…Hi, I’m Liz. Also known as “the housemate”, “Lizzy”, “the workmate”, “the best pal and “drinks bitch”…

So this is the start of my journey to having nicer hands and nails.

Anything would be an improvement on what they look like right now! Chipped, chewed and tatty. First things first, take that old nail varnish off! I’ve picked and bitten my nails for as long as I remember, I’m 27 now and I now see how important it is to have nice nails. If you were to guess my profession from my hands you would probably think I was a butcher or a brick layer…but no. 

The time has come for me to be a real grown up and stop destroying my nails. The real challenege will be not to bite them. I will be sharing a photo in 1 week to show the progress…in the mean time, if Hannah sees me sabotaging this challenge she has my consent to whack me. 

So I’ll wither see you next week with lovely manicured hands or a black eye.

Stay tuned.

Much love, Liz x

House: makeup organisation 

In some kind of attempt to be a more organised person, I’ve made the monumental decision to try and put some order into my ridiculous makeup collection.  The wardrobe room is severely lacking in any kind of functional storage and being the domestic goddess that I am, that needs to be sorted.  Who am I kidding?  It’d just be nice to walk in on a morning and be able to find what I’m looking for, that’s not too much to ask is it? 

So this is the mess I had to begin with, pretty much a pile of crap in the corner.  Not very inspiring when trying to prettify myself in the morning.

First stage was definitely assessing the level of makeup hoarding I’m currently at.

Now if you’re a beauty guru, this is a pretty pitiful collection. But, as a girl who basically uses the same 7 products on a daily basis, this seems a little over top.  Especially when a good 70% of products I’ve never used and I’m not entirely sure what they’re actually for.  Note to self: actually try products that come in the Birchbox every month.

So this is the final for now outcome…

Still tragically lacking in suitable storage but a little bit more organised?  Obviously there’s still a box of random products that I have no idea what part of the body they go on, so they can keep each other company in the same box until I work up the nerve to try them out.  New makeup can be scary, give me a break.

Kind of need to figure out some more practical storage solutions, but nothing I’ve seen  in any shop lives up to to my unrealistic expectations of furniture making me into an organised person.  I can dream can’t I?  Or maybe work on some bigger dreams?

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: work winter wardrobe update

This should have been the easiest week plan to follow but somehow we have managed to fail spectacularly.  I really don’t know how.  I think I mentioned me and Liz are both terrible at waking up, but this week we really have outdone ourselves.  Twice we both slept through our alarms. Twice.  We also managed to fail at what should have been the most simple part of the week, taking photos.  I contemplated recreating all of our looks for the week, then decided we’ve just failed too much and just need to draw a line under this and try again next time.  There’s no saving our pitiful attempt at a style blog.

The first couple of days started off pretty promisingly and we did manage to document our efforts.  These photos did happen at the end of the day though which most definitely isn’t the best time to try and show off the effort you have put in for the day.  After all your make up has worn off and knee and elbow creases are fully in play.  We tried a little bit though.  Massive room for improvement but we did show up for the blog, that counts doesn’t it?

Day 1

Day 2

So.  We didn’t do such a bad job for two days.  Then it all went down hill.  I think maybe it was too simple, there was no challenge to the week so we kept forgetting to keep up the effort?  Or maybe I’m just making excuses and need to accept the weeks lack of success. 

We’ve absolutely let ourselves down but I promise we’ll do better next time!  Today has been spent tidying the house and most importantly the wardrobe room, so fingers crossed this next week we will have a better mentality and the ability to stick to any kind of plan!

Stay tuned! 

Much love! 



Style: work winter wardrobe

October is nearly over and winter is definitely here.  The past month has been a weird one, there’s been communal bouts of feeling a bit down and restless.  Maybe because the month before was so busy we’ve both been having that after Christmas feeling where the build up has gone and you don’t know what to do next.  Whatever the reason, thankfully that has all disappeared now and the positivity is back in the house.  

Taking advantage of the happy vibes, tonight seemed like a good night for a bit of prep to make the week run a bit smoother.  We are both absolutely terrible at waking up at a decent time in the morning but both strike to look like we’ve made an ounce of effort when we get to work.  We also work in one of the draftiest offices so as much as I’d like to rock an office chic outfit everyday, I don’t want to be a block of ice after 8 hours.

We’ve both come up with some super fashionable, brightly coloured outfits to make everyday a runway.  Oh wait, no, we’ve both played it safe and stuck with mainly black.  So original. 

Here is Lizzy’s beautiful little capsule wardrobe.  A nice mix of smart and casual, perfect for our office.

Here’s my little selection. 

I’m just hoping for a week of getting away with sleeping in but it not looking like it, not freezing and preferably not having to resort to wearing a blanket during the day.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



House: living room part 1

I’m not going to lie, the first time I walked into my new empty living room my heart sank and I had a sudden case of buyers regret.  The smell that hit me when I opened the door was strong and grim.  Can’t quite decide what it is and honestly I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it.  The previous owners did an amazing job at disguising that during the viewing!

After a few minutes of what the hell have I done panic, I decided to stop being a drama queen and get on with it.  

Aside from the smell, my main issue with the living room was the bright red wall.  Not my cup of tea at all!  Luckily B&Q isn’t far away and they have all the white paint you could ever need.  

I was far too excited to get rid of the red that I didn’t really pay much attention to the wall I was painting – genius plan, I know.  After doing the first coat (and not doing such a bad job if I do say so myself!) I realised that wall had been papered before and was all starting to come away from the wall above the fire.  First dilemma.  Keep painting over the paper or risk taking the paper off and find out the condition of the wall underneath?  

Thank the stars, the wall was pretty spot on.  I’ve never had so many emotions about a wall.  I think I need to get out more.

Nice flat, not so holey, wall meant painting could begin again.  We put our pro team work skills to good use here – I can’t work a roller and Liz can’t work a brush – match made in heaven!  After all the messing around with painting and pulling it off it was pretty nice to know this layer wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

Finally a nice clean wall!  I love the names of paint colours, this is ‘tell me a secret’ the slightest tinge away from being bright white.  

After so much effort, the room is finally at blank canvas stage.  It definitely needs some colour asap though.  I never thought I’d be so excited to experiment with (somewhat) permanent colour.  So many more updates to come hopefully very soon!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



General update

After a pretty dramatic month of house, holiday and hospital, right now seems like the right time to stop procrastinating and get back to the blog.

August has definitely been my fresh start month. New house. Fresh(ish) tan. And a very dramatic MOT down at A&E.  Luckily I’ve not completely abandoned my photography attempts during this time, just my ability to type out any of the nonsense going on in my head.

The new house has the perfect make shift office area for all my super important outfit and decorating ramblings to make their way online.


Stay tuned!

Much love!