Style: hair experiments

I’ve always been the kind of girl who gets bored pretty quickly with any hairstyle. It probably started when I was a teenager. I never really had a rebellious streak, but every time I had my hair done I always wanted to get my monies worth so that clearly meant a completely different style each time. 

When I went short again this time, I’d been looking on YouTube to try and find a bit of inspiration for anything to do with my new lack of hair. The results were far from inspirational. In fact, they were just a joke. If a title was ‘16 amazing styles for short hair’ you could guarantee it’d be three or four combinations of straight hair and curly hair with slightly different partings. So boring. Now I’m not claiming to be a hair expert, but surely there’s a little bit more versatility even with short hair.

Now I’ve never liked making things easy for myself, so after I’d had loads of potentially amazing ideas, I went for a trim and pretty much got scalped. Not trying to make excuses, just explaining my failures in advance.

So starting of easy, this is my usual day to day style, a side parting with a bit of volume. Not groundbreaking I know, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Second is a getting it all out in the front. I’m still not claiming it’s groundbreaking, but I have to say I wore my hair like this today and felt pretty good about myself and it felt like an effortless change.

Third is, in my opinion, the perfect style for anyone who wants to go about their day and not have to think about hair getting in their eyes or heaven forbid, looking like you’ve made zero effort for that day.

Fourth is a good old quiff. I quite often find myself either not having time to spent on my hair and face in the morning or just being too busy with a project to want to think about my hair. I think a nice textured lump on the top of the head solves both these issues.

Fifth is another plait, but it’s chunky and behind a fringe so it’s completely different from the first one.

Sixth is plaits again but this time there are two of them and there’s no left over hair. I’ve got two confessions to make with this style, Liz did it for me and it worked much better when my hair was a smidge longer. I still think it’s a pretty cool hair style, and I can say that brag free because it’s not my handy work.  

So I may have failed just as much as any YouTube person, but I like to think I’ve tried and not claimed to have the amazing answers to anything. 

While having a play around though, I did discover my hair can now do many wild and wonderful things. We ended up laughing just a little bit too much to actually get any decent pictures though. I’ll definitely work on my poker face, properly stretch the limits of my new limited hair and get some good pictures taken!

Stay tuned!

Much love! 




House: makeup organisation 

In some kind of attempt to be a more organised person, I’ve made the monumental decision to try and put some order into my ridiculous makeup collection.  The wardrobe room is severely lacking in any kind of functional storage and being the domestic goddess that I am, that needs to be sorted.  Who am I kidding?  It’d just be nice to walk in on a morning and be able to find what I’m looking for, that’s not too much to ask is it? 

So this is the mess I had to begin with, pretty much a pile of crap in the corner.  Not very inspiring when trying to prettify myself in the morning.

First stage was definitely assessing the level of makeup hoarding I’m currently at.

Now if you’re a beauty guru, this is a pretty pitiful collection. But, as a girl who basically uses the same 7 products on a daily basis, this seems a little over top.  Especially when a good 70% of products I’ve never used and I’m not entirely sure what they’re actually for.  Note to self: actually try products that come in the Birchbox every month.

So this is the final for now outcome…

Still tragically lacking in suitable storage but a little bit more organised?  Obviously there’s still a box of random products that I have no idea what part of the body they go on, so they can keep each other company in the same box until I work up the nerve to try them out.  New makeup can be scary, give me a break.

Kind of need to figure out some more practical storage solutions, but nothing I’ve seen  in any shop lives up to to my unrealistic expectations of furniture making me into an organised person.  I can dream can’t I?  Or maybe work on some bigger dreams?

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: work winter wardrobe update

This should have been the easiest week plan to follow but somehow we have managed to fail spectacularly.  I really don’t know how.  I think I mentioned me and Liz are both terrible at waking up, but this week we really have outdone ourselves.  Twice we both slept through our alarms. Twice.  We also managed to fail at what should have been the most simple part of the week, taking photos.  I contemplated recreating all of our looks for the week, then decided we’ve just failed too much and just need to draw a line under this and try again next time.  There’s no saving our pitiful attempt at a style blog.

The first couple of days started off pretty promisingly and we did manage to document our efforts.  These photos did happen at the end of the day though which most definitely isn’t the best time to try and show off the effort you have put in for the day.  After all your make up has worn off and knee and elbow creases are fully in play.  We tried a little bit though.  Massive room for improvement but we did show up for the blog, that counts doesn’t it?

Day 1

Day 2

So.  We didn’t do such a bad job for two days.  Then it all went down hill.  I think maybe it was too simple, there was no challenge to the week so we kept forgetting to keep up the effort?  Or maybe I’m just making excuses and need to accept the weeks lack of success. 

We’ve absolutely let ourselves down but I promise we’ll do better next time!  Today has been spent tidying the house and most importantly the wardrobe room, so fingers crossed this next week we will have a better mentality and the ability to stick to any kind of plan!

Stay tuned! 

Much love! 



Style: work winter wardrobe

October is nearly over and winter is definitely here.  The past month has been a weird one, there’s been communal bouts of feeling a bit down and restless.  Maybe because the month before was so busy we’ve both been having that after Christmas feeling where the build up has gone and you don’t know what to do next.  Whatever the reason, thankfully that has all disappeared now and the positivity is back in the house.  

Taking advantage of the happy vibes, tonight seemed like a good night for a bit of prep to make the week run a bit smoother.  We are both absolutely terrible at waking up at a decent time in the morning but both strike to look like we’ve made an ounce of effort when we get to work.  We also work in one of the draftiest offices so as much as I’d like to rock an office chic outfit everyday, I don’t want to be a block of ice after 8 hours.

We’ve both come up with some super fashionable, brightly coloured outfits to make everyday a runway.  Oh wait, no, we’ve both played it safe and stuck with mainly black.  So original. 

Here is Lizzy’s beautiful little capsule wardrobe.  A nice mix of smart and casual, perfect for our office.

Here’s my little selection. 

I’m just hoping for a week of getting away with sleeping in but it not looking like it, not freezing and preferably not having to resort to wearing a blanket during the day.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: birthday weekend

I’m going to start off by saying I was having so much fun over the weekend, I pretty much forgot to take any photos.  Super helpful when you’re trying to blog about life.  Really need to get better at that.  Promise I’ll try.

Anyway. Back to the weekend.  A few weeks ago my hair dresser convinced me to make a pretty drastic change.  I was a little bit nervous but honestly so glad I trusted her.  Friday afternoon saw this exciting transformation…

Absolutely love it. 

Pretty much all my proper outfit planning went straight out the window as soon as I got home after the hairdressers.  We were on a tight timeframe after the hair dressers to get to my surprise on time.  Luckily, I think I usually find getting ready a bit easier when there isn’t the time to overthink and flap.  Seeing as I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing, I thought I’d keep it simple and pretty safe.  

I went with black skinny jeans, black kimono top and black, slightly glittery cape jacket.  Very simple but I was ready and feeling good about life at 27. 

What an absolutely amazing night at the comedy club.  I’ve wanted to go for so long and honestly haven’t laughed so much in ages (I do need to get out more in general, but this was legit a hilarious night).

Waking up the next morning was fun.  Many, many bottles of prosecco don’t usually make waking up very easy.  Places to be and more fun to be had though so after spending far too long sat on the floor I managed to pick an outfit.  A bit like getting ready when you’re in a rush, I think getting ready slightly hungover can also make life a little bit easier because there’s the same no faffing and no overthinking.  I really do regret not getting a full length picture of this outfit because I felt absolutely amazing!  (Does a picture with a guy dressed up as a count as an outfit pose?)

Shredded jeans, black top, maroon long shirt and little heel boots.  Again so simple but with the hair and red lippy I felt maybe the coolest I’ve ever felt in my life.  

Had such a good girls day out and ended it all by my dancing my heart out and somehow only really embarrassing myself for about 10 mins when I lost control and started dancing like the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.  Good times. 

Great start to being 27.  I’m looking forward to attempting to style my new look some more and hopefully find more outfits that make me feel as good as I did all weekend.

Stay tuned!

Much love! 



Style: birthday weekend prep

Where are nearly 27 year olds supposed to shop?

ASOS has been my solid go to website of dreams for the past 11 years or so.  I think I’m finally getting to the age where I’m too old to shop there.  It’s a pretty upsetting time.

To be fair, I definitely don’t need to buy anything new, but then again when does anyone really need to buy anything pretty?

With two wardrobes worth of clothes, this shouldn’t be such a hard job but I do feel like I’m struggling a little bit for inspiration.  How dramatic can I make putting two outfits together sound? 

The birthday plans are exciting and as far as I know not too extravagant.  On Saturday, a girls trip the York for all the cocktails and food we can manage.  Friday night is a surprise.  All I know is I can wear nice shoes and something fancy.

Outfit wise Saturday is the bigger challenge.  Shoes that will be comfy enough to walk round all day in (be obviously still look good), something warm enough (without being a fleece), and basically just something that is going to make me feel good about myself.  

First option.  The best high waisted pleather  culottes ever made (from the days before ASOS abandoned me) along with a kind of tasseled top from H&M many years ago.

Second option.  A jazzy, metallic, structured jacket bought as an eBay bargain (originally from Miss Selfridge), love it but only worn it once so far.  Paired with pretty much the perfect black ripped jeans from Topshop.

Third option.  Silky wide leg trousers (ASOS, obviously) and this Miss Selfridge tuxedo style jacket.  Some kind of top would probably come in pretty handy here too.

Fourth option.  Zara ruffle trousers (so love island) with the most versatile and long lived vest top Primark has ever sold.  Definitely need some kind of cover up but haven’t quite got that far yet. 

Fifth option.  This amazing, flowy, swishy, button up thing from Missguided with a cute little New Look lace cami top and weird (but cool) River Island coated jeans.

Sixth option.  The best impulse buy ever, this silky shirt/dress from H&M with a kind of mesh dress (looks a lot nicer than it sounds!) and then a belt.

Currently I don’t feel that amazed by any of these outfits, they’re just not quite right.  I don’t know if I’ve just spent too long looking through the same things or if I’m having a subconscious sulk because I wanted to treat myself to something new.  

I think I need to take a break, do something a bit more interesting than stare at clothes and remember there’s no such thing as a perfect outfit and I’m going to have a great time with my friends no matter what I wear.  I’m getting old.  Need to get glam asap. 

Stay tuned!

Much love!



House: garage clearing

The plan for the garage has always been for it to become my sewing/craft/office room.  The perfect space for designing and making new pj styles along with some way of making my craft supplies look less like I’m a crazy person with no social life.  After the first couple of days of being officially moved in, the garage quickly became a dumping ground for all the boxes and anything else that didn’t have a home just yet.

Not exactly the perfect space to grow a business or be productive in anyway.

A quick trip to the skip made a massive improvement.  We accidentally missed the first black bin day (first nightmare), then the recycling men wouldn’t take any of the cardboard from the boxes we had managed to unpack – so irritating when you’re trying not to be a hoarder with a thing for squashed boxes.

It’s not a massive help having basically two double flat packed wardrobes stacked up against most of the walls, but I can’t bring myself to skip all that usable wood (not to mention I don’t know how I’d physically move it all again).  The plan is to use them to try and make a bit of furniture, it seemed like a good idea to use free materials to practice some DIY skills and (hopefully) end up with some unique pieces for the house. 

I found some sturdy looking shelves on offer at B&Q, they seemed like a pretty good idea to try and do a bit of organising and finally get rid of all the cardboard boxes.  What a nightmare to put together.  So much faffing around and making a racket hammering bits of metal together.  After finally getting them together, they definitely seem worth the effort although I completely underestimated quite how much stuff I have.  I swear I’m not actually a hoarder. 

I have a feeling this room is going to be the most frustrating room to get as I want it but fingers crossed one of the most rewarding.  All I need to do now is find the perfect organisational system and storage boxes.  Piece of cake. 

Stay tuned!

Much love!