Style: shopping in my own wardrobe

After my last attempt of not planning a thing but trying to put outfits together using only things that haven’t been out in the real world for the past 6 months, I got a little curious about what else is hiding in the back of the wardrobe.

I thought I’d give myself a bit of a helping hand by pulling some things out that I didn’t really recognise so was pretty sure they hadn’t been out in a while. To be fair, some of these items could belong to Liz and that’s why I didn’t remember them. They still haven’t been out and about in a while so I don’t think it’s cheating that much.

A lot of the pieces I did pull out where quite pattern heavy so I decided as long as each days outfit had at least one old item, that’s just fine.

Day 1

This outfit had a shirt/dress thing that I’m fairly sure isn’t mine and hasn’t seen the light of day in at least a year. I felt a bit like a 90s art geek, but didn’t hate it. Maybe this top would be better suited to summer, maybe with a cami dress just to keep with the 90s theme.

Day 2

I loved this outfit. Definitely not my skirt and I was definitely wearing it the wrong way round for most of the day, but it was so comfy and made me feel pretty amazing. It also helped that I was wearing a pyjama top and the comfiest soft bra ever. Never been such a fan of skirts but I think I’ve been converted.

Day 3

I’m not too sure what happened here. A bit ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ or ‘Blossom’ or any other 80s/90s teen show. Didn’t hate it though. Super comfy. Maybe I should try all these pieces in different outfits for more put together looks.

Day 4

Love, love, love this look. It was a nice little bonus that this skirt never used to fit. I think maybe because I’ve never been such a fan of skirts, feeling good in this one made everything so much better. Definitely converted to the world of skirts.

Night 4

This night saw an impromptu, surprise blind date. Moral of the story, don’t give your number out to strangers on a night out. Especially the ones you know are weird even after a couple of glasses of wine. The night wasn’t a complete bust though. Managed to put together an outfit I absolutely loved with some trousers that probably haven’t seen a night on the town in well over a year. Hopefully next time this outfit comes out it’ll be on not such a crazy date night.

Day 5

This was a hangover from hell day. Wild Friday nights out do not mix with work on a Saturday morning. This outfit was maybe a cheat. I can’t remember the last time I wore these trousers, I went off them at some point last year because the fit started feeling a bit funny. They did the job for the day though. I made it through wrapped up in the comfiest jumper ever. Second moral for the blog – don’t do shots when you have work in the morning.

Overall I think this was a pretty successful week, although to feel properly put together the planning definitely has to be there. There’s more shopping to be done in my own wardrobe before I need to go anywhere near a shop but I’m sure I can come up with some more current looks rather than slightly odd throw back attempts.

For this next week, I’m giving up on planning altogether. I’m leaving my weeks wardrobe completely up to Liz. She’ll be picking my outfits (including shoes) and having the final say in what is going on with my hair and makeup.

I’m quite looking forward to a week without decisions.

Stay tuned!

Much love!




Craft: jewellery making part 2

Second night as a student, still loving it. This session was all about experimenting with textures. I’m still a bit rusty at this whole student thing so I didn’t take any notes and can’t remember what any of the techniques are called. It’s was basically pressing patterns into the surface, burning texture in and using heat to create different colours. So much fire and red hot metal.


First attempt went a little bit wrong. I think there was too much pressure on the roller so it stretched the metal out and the hessian got a bit too squished in the process.

The second attempt was a bit better but needs a polish. I quite like how it’s got the net print on both sides.


This was a little bit terrifying. The first attempt was a happy accident and I love the results. All the textures and colours are how it’s supposed to look, I think.

The second attempt was interesting. It took 3 tries to get the metal glowing red hot, I then left it too long and things got a bit melty. It did make me wonder if I could make some kind of sculpture kind of thing.


This was another get the metal super hot and hope for the best. You’re probably supposed to be able to tell when that point is but I’m not there yet. The first strip collapsed under the heat. I think I got over my fear of the fire a bit too well. The next two I didn’t get quite hot enough, there shouldn’t be as much black showing for it to be technically right. I kind of love it though.

Next stage is thinking about how these techniques can be applied to finished pieces. So many ideas for things to do!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Craft: jewellery making part 1

I am officially now a student. I love it. Had started to get that stuck in a rut kind of feeling, everything getting a bit Groundhog Day so needed something to shake things up. I’d seen this silversmithing and jewellery course a couple of years ago but never got around to signing up for it. I finally got my ass into gear and enrolled. I’ve only been to one session, but so far it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

The first session was a get straight in there kind of session. All us newbies walked away with a fully polished, perfectly fitting ring with our own designs and completely handmade.

The brief was very simple, make a ring that fits and hammer a design into it. I went with an all over ‘H’ design, it is all about me after all. I’m honestly not that much of a narcissist. I kind of like it, looks a little bit liked ‘HI’.

So proud of myself for a first attempt. It’s still a little bit messy around the solder line and the edges but that’s where practice comes in.

So excited for the next 15 weeks of experimenting and making!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: back to school fashion

As a 27 year old, I have absolutely no idea what the kids these days are wearing to go back to school. The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that it’s the wrong time of year for ‘back to school’ to be a trend. Tonight though, I have officially become a student again so thought it would be fitting to check out what other adults on the internet have to say about the subject.

I asked my good friend Pinterest what I should wear. The first results just made me laugh. Are these legit school outfits for anyone? Who, when and where?

I then tried adding ‘for teachers’ into my search in the hope there might be something a bit more suitable. This just seemed to give a lot of skirts and cardigans. Not exactly what I was thinking.

These are all very different to how dressed in college the first time around. I hope you’re all ready for a laugh.

Pinterest has failed me. Far too many posey, impractical outfits for a jewellery course. My own past wasn’t much help at all, apart from to show how far I’ve come. Maybe I was expecting the impossible for wanting a first day outfit. The brain wave was something comfortable that looked good but didn’t look to try hard. Basically that effortless look that is never all that effortless.

That only really left one option. Jeans, jumper and Dr Martens. Can’t go wrong really.

So I didn’t really think too far into the practical side of what I’d be needing from the clothes. This was fine for tonight but from now on it’s basically old clothes that won’t mind a bit of casual acid flying around.

I very much doubt there will be anymore ‘school fashion’ updates. If anyone is interested though, I’m sure the next 16 weeks are going to be full of exciting new jewellery projects. I know I’m excited about them anyway!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: latest challenge update

I might be a little bit late on the update, but I have managed to take pictures all week and here’s the little write up.  Well done me.

Just a little recap on my plan for last week.  I didn’t plan any outfits in advance but I did set myself a few little rules to make it some kind of challenge.

Rule 1 – No jeans.

Rule 2 – Only items that haven’t seen the light of day in over 6 months.

Rule 3 – Add a bit of office appropriate spice into the outfit.


Shouldn’t be rocket science and should be pretty easy to follow.  Famous last words.

Day one

I think the first day gets two ticks and a ‘nice try but try harder next time’.  I bought this dress a few years ago from ASOS (obviously) and have only worn it a hand full of times.  Recently I’ve been subconsciously avoiding anything tight fitting so figured that’s something else I could throw into the mix to make at least one day of the week so much more challenging.  This dress made me feel surprisingly comfortable and bonus, I didn’t feel too conscious to eat biscuits in the office, who actually cares about a little biscuit belly?   The nice try part of my self marking system comes from rule 3.  I was kind of trying to make my hair the spice in the outfit but that is a bit of a cop out, even if it’s a new(ish) style for work.


Day two

This outfit made me feel like an old fashioned magician.  Not a massive fan.  Didn’t hate it completely and it didn’t really affect my day but I don’t think it’s a combination I would wear again.  I tried the chunky necklace and clashing print shoe for a bit of something different, but I’m not so sure it really pulled together as it did in my head.  This was also just a ridiculous day at work.  Glass of wine waiting at the door ridiculolus.  This could be why I really didn’t care how what was going on with all my mismatched layers.

Night two

Luckily, after a stressful day at work came a chilled out, very late housewarming gathering (not a full blown party, no energy left for that on a school night).  I thought I’d stick to the rules though which lead me to these cute little lace shorts and crochet kind of off the shoulder top.  This was a little bit of a cheat seeing as neither of these items are mine, but neither of them have been worn in the past 6 months so I think it’s fine.  My outfit toppers for the night were definitely wine and chocolate, yes they absolutely count.


Day three

I felt more put together on this day, but not entirely myself.  I could have been the tight, short skirt, or just the whole shirt/skirt combo.  Didn’t dislike it as much as day two but didn’t feel as good as days one or four.  I would like to try and make this shirt work with a more grown up feeling outfit, I’m sure Pinterest has many denim shirt outfit ideas.  I do love these velvet boots though (ASOS).  Not too bad on the comfort scale and they brought in a nice amount of compliments.  It was a bit freeing to have my legs kind of out as well.  Like with day one avoiding tight things, I also usually avoid getting my legs out so why not try and break that negatively fueled cycle?


Day four

Saturday at work can only mean one thing, the comfiest clothes possible.  I’m pretty sure neither of these items have seen the light of day in the past 6 months, but I could be wrong.  Loved this outfit, even if it isn’t the most flattering thing in photos.  The little spice to this outfit was my cute (if I do say so myself) little french plait and a bright red lip, I’m not sure if it counts but I was wearing a strappy little soft bra under this top which gave me that cheeky little confidence boost that no one else knew about.  This was also a day that lasted about 3 weeks on its own so being comfy was such a bonus.

Night four

This weeks nights outs have really lined up perfectly with bad work day.  Saturday night was the first girls night out of the year for one of my lovely friends birthdays.  Technically nothing I was wearing had seen the light of day before.  It’s all new, I can’t lie.  Everything is from ASOS.  I did feel a little bit self conscious when I was getting ready because this was the first time I’d worn vinyl trousers and a basically non existent top.  I don’t think clothes should have that much negative power, so the only thing to do was get over it and get myself into an Uber.  I am really glad I didn’t get changed, and huge bonus, these trousers have pockets.


The most stressful thing of this week had to be trying to find the items that haven’t been worn in 6 months.  Everything wearable was buried deep in the back of the wardrobe.  I definitely need to have a clear out and reorganise.  It would be so nice to find some new old work outfits with pockets, I have resorted to going back to jeans for today because I really have missed having somewhere to put my phone.  I’ve just changed my mind about the most stressful thing of the week.  Coming up with an extra bit of something to jazz up my outfit in the morning was pretty much impossible.  I still haven’t really unpacked most of my jewellery after moving house and that was one not completely unmanageable rule but could do with a little bit more planning.

Maybe I need to adopt a mix of actually having an organised wardrobe room then I should know what I have and where it is so I can constantly wear different things but not have to rigidly plan everything ahead.  Am I really that organised though?

If anyone has any ideas for my next style challenge, please let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: playing with makeup

What is a girl to to on a Friday night when she has work on a Saturday morning? Drink wine and play with the random makeup you’ve had sat around for ages? Why not.

My best friend Pinterest is full of makeup ideas, some very Instagram, some pretty normal and then some that look pretty cool but I have no idea where you would actually wear them. They’re clearly the ones I wanted to try. It really doesn’t need to be pointed out but I am in no way any kind of makeup professional. I did however spend the night feeling like a kid who got into her mums cosmetics and that is a pretty good feeling.

The first look was inspired by this pin…

Very funky. Looks like it should be pretty simple. This is why I’m not a professional. So for a start off, I don’t have any makeup in this colour. I do however have a blush lip crayon that is close enough.

I was really surprised at how much I don’t hate this. My eyebrows aren’t in as good a shape as the models and the fade doesn’t pick up as well as in real life but for my first time colouring in my brows I think it’s gone pretty well.

Second inspiration…

Definitely got over confident with this look. How hard is it to draw a few lines? Very.

Many cotton buds later and I think I kind of saved the lines, but not really. I also tried doing the fluffy brow thing but mine are convinced they don’t want to do anything than sit and look barely passable. I do like the whole double pointy thing though and maybe with a bit more practice I might be able to take it out into the real world.

Third inspiration…

I really love this look, pretty badass warrior woman. I’d like to rock that. This one definitely needs a proper makeup artist so it doesn’t look like fancy dress.

So my eyebrows definitely looked more metallic in real life which I did kind of like. I’d be very tempted to try that in real life. This was my best attempt at a serious face, I think my serious face always tends to look a bit more scared than anything else.

Final inspiration (for tonight)…

I knew going in I didn’t have any baby blue eyeshadow but did get a pastel pink eyeliner in a Birch Box a few months ago. Turns out that wasn’t bright enough to show up but it made a pretty good base for an old urban decay colour that I have never touched before.

The complete opposite of anything I would normally wear but also a pretty good way to hide under eye bags. Really couldn’t decide what to do with my lips at this point so thought I’d whack a bit of metallic eyeshadow over whatever else I’d already tried on my lips and this is the result. Don’t hate it. Wouldn’t wear it in the real world.

I wasn’t expecting anything wearable at all from tonight but it has made me want to experiment more with my usual makeup routine and try to hone my skills quite a bit more. Surely practice makes all eyeliner so much more even? Any tips for proper application or any ideas for other out there styles to try, please leave a comment!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: update and new challenge

I can only apologise for the lack of update on my last work style challenge. I have zero acceptable excuses. I didn’t freeze. Nothing dramatic happened. I just spent a month burying myself in a pile of blankets after work and forgot to take any photos. If anyone has any tips on how to not forget to take photos that would be amazing!

Even though I don’t have any photographic proof, I honestly did keep up with the planned outfits and I think they went down pretty well. More importantly I was so cosy everyday. It could have helped that I moved one of the heaters to directly under my desk. I’m going to say it’s a combination just to humour myself.

Here’s a quick reminder of what I decided to go with, plenty of jumpers and base layers.

The least comfortable outfit was the fluffy jumper and stretch pencil skirt, to be fair this was only because I ate way too many biscuits that day and the skirt just ended up feeling a bit constricting. Loved the cosy factor from the top though, this was off the scale comfy.

One thing that really bugged me throughout the week (apart from being squished into a pencil skirt) was the complete lack of pockets. I don’t think I’ve gone so long without anywhere easy to hold my phone.

I’ve decided to take a different approach to this next style challenge. In previous weeks I’ve planned out each days outfits in advance in the hope that it’ll make the mornings easier and I’ll be able to get to work on time looking put together. I’m not so sure this has really helped. I’ve still been not punctual and not always feeling my best. This time, I’m going to set myself a few little guidelines and leave finding the clothes until each morning. I could just be setting myself up for an instant fail but I think it’s definitely worth a go.

So. I feel like three is the magic number when it comes to rules. If it’s good enough for Dua Lipa then who am I to argue?

One. No jeans.

Two. Only items that haven’t seen the light of day in over 6 months.

Three. Add a bit of office appropriate spice into the outfit.

Fingers crossed this is going to be a good week. If anyone has any suggestions for being a functional adult in the morning or how to dress then please leave a comment!

Stay tuned!

Much love!