House: bedroom transformations part 1

In the long lead up to getting the keys for the new house, I’d got it into my head I was going to be super organised and have this amazing plan in place to make the whole moving process as simple as possible.  I was clearly in a dream world.  As soon as a few boxes were moved in any logic or ideas of a simple life went straight out the window.  I do usually like taking the more complicated road anyway.

The first night staying in the house was complete squat life.  I’d ordered bed frames and mattresses from Wayfair because that seemed a logical place to start.  The frames turned up no problem, the mattresses on the other hand, nowhere to be seen for over a week.  After quite a bit of time on the phone, being on hold and chatting to a lovely customer service rep, it turned out my delivery had been taken next door.  Luckily my neighbours are really nice and didn’t mind keeping massive parcels in their garage for a week.


Here’s the part I didn’t quite think through.  The house was now slowly filling up with boxes of more and more stuff and flat pack furniture and nowhere to put any of it.  Both bedrooms still needed decorating, when I first looked round the house in January I thought the house was ready to move straight into.  The more I looked after all their furniture was gone, I was very wrong.

Ordinarily, I love anything the colour of red wine – usually because it is red wine.  When it’s covering the walls in a not so lovely patchy/dirty effect or with a (in my opinion) garish print, I’m just not a fan.  Both rooms also came with massive wardrobes.  At first I thought it was great the previous owners were leaving them but in reality life, for me would have been so much easier if they’d have taken them.  Before any cleaning of decorating could begin, they needed dismantling.  Silver lining – it was a pretty good work out!

I was far too impatient (and a little bit tired of lifting) to finish getting all of the wardrobes out before starting the decorating part.  I was striping wallpaper and painting walls around the left over bits of wardrobe that I’d managed to get into the middle of the room.  So sensible.  Taking the paper off the walls was a job and a half without a wallpaper stripper (I was definitely an over confident idiot with that decision) it also uncovered some interesting choices from the last people – some nice sized holes that need more than a bit of filler to fix.  No idea what to do with these so I made the master mind decision to paint around them and deal with them another day.

For my paint choices, I went super edgy.  Off white and grey, crazy I know.

I did think I’d try and be a little bit creative though and get the frog tape out.  I’d seen a few photos on Pinterest of accent walls extending round the corners of rooms, and I love that idea.  My off white was a matt ‘polished pebble’ and my grey a silk ‘warm pewter’.  I’m so happy with how the corner wrap turned out, and the tape gives such a crisp edge.  So proud of myself!

The floorboards were bare and a bit stained.  I made the quite sensible (in my opinion) decision to hold off on buying a carpet/laminate/any kind of floor covering until I’ve paid out for more important things first and decided completely what I want.  Until then, floor paint goes a long way, and seems much more special when it’s called ‘moondust’.

The other bedroom was super easy, for me anyway!  I pretty much left my new room mate to it, and she did such a good job.  She went for a similar crazy colour as me – off white and blue.  You can just imagine what a crazy house we have.


I think we’ve both done such a good job, massive pats on the back for us! There’s still plenty more to do in each room (and the rest of the house) before we celebrate too much.

Stay tuned!

Much love!





Style: holiday wardrobe

Just over a week in paradise feels like a life time ago.  I’m being dramatic.  3 weeks back at work has made pure relaxation feel like a distant memory though.  What better way to bring on the late holiday blues like reflecting on the whole experience and wishing I could do it all again.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere with such a blue sky and not a cloud in sight.  Seriously, this photo does not do the sky justice.  It was beautiful.

With all the stress of trying to complete the new house, shopping went way down on my priority list and I put the very least effort into packing as physically possible.  I was that stressed before I left that I didn’t even have the energy to stress about how unprepared I was.


The first night was pretty chilled after having a ridiculously early start in the morning.  I love this outfit.  So comfy and could definitely wear it in England (maybe without the jelly shoes).  The trousers were part of the panic Zara shop – I think Zara may be my new favourite place to shop.  The top is a good old New Look faithful and the shoes a £10 Asos bargain from a few years ago.


Second night felt a bit more dressy with this amazing Miss Selfridge jumpsuit borrowed from my roommates wardrobe.  This new collective wardrobe is paying off already!


Third night took us to the booming nearby bars (think small town nightlife).  Taxi rides meant my new 1.7kg shoes could come out to play (they got evicted from the checked in suitcase for being too chunky).  This was a head to toe Miss Selfridge panic haul and I was pretty pleased with it.  The only down side was that the trousers and flash of belly didn’t really allow for a big meal, which actually may have been a bit of a blessing in practising portion control.


By day 4, we thought we’d mix things up a bit and go for lunch.  Great idea until you get out into the heat and realise the only thing you can do in the daytime is sweat.  Luckily this Zara jumpsuit is the best item of clothing ever created and bought.  It’s light weight, patterned to disguise any potential sweat marks, and once you remove the belt (which would look great in England) it’s baggy enough to allow the nicest full body breeze to flow through!  What more could you ask for from a jumpsuit?


Things got a little bit crazy on day 5.  Like really crazy.  We went for the standard food and cocktails.  I got addressed as sir by a photographer whose backtrack excuse was “my English isn’t great, I don’t know pronouns”.  We then copied the start of every kidnapping film and got in a strangers car to an unknown place.  We survived though so that makes it okay?  Luckily we didn’t get kidnapped or murdered.  We ended up at the most amazing all night disco.  Literally dancing til the sun came up.  So much fun.  I was wearing an Asos dress that may have actually been a beach cover up.  So comfy and great for dramatic dancing.  Realised at about 8am that I hadn’t got an outfit picture for the day so tried posing as we were starting to think about how the hell we were gonna get back to the apartment.  This Spanish guy just didn’t get the concept, but I kind of love the photo!


Night 6 was much tamer compared to the previous night.  Although it wouldn’t take much.  This was one of the outfits I was most excited about trying.  Top and trousers from the Zara parcel and the over weight wedges.  This was my version of a Love Island outfit.  Ruffles, crop and massive heels.  I know it’s not that out there as far as outfits go, but it’ not something I’d usually go for.  I love trying new outfits and I’m very glad I tried this one.


Night 7 was another somewhat risky outfit.  Pretty Little Thing bought from Asos.  Very low cut, very high split and very sheer.  Very Love Island.  I did chicken out a little bit with this dress though I have to admit.  The dress is designed with a built in body suit.  I opted for a pair of black denim shorts to cover a bit more of my modesty, didn’t really think anyone should have to look at my bare thigh and ass while going out for tea!  I am quite looking forward to trying this dress over some black skinny jeans though, in my head that’ll work for an England look.  I could be very wrong but I have high hopes.


Last night and unfortunately not the last outfit.  Zara trousers and borrowed H&M top.  These trousers are amazing.  They have the best swish.  I love how this top looks but when it’s 30 degrees at night you definitely need something breathable.  Maybe half an hour into the night, sweat patches started to appear.  Just what you want.  At least I managed to get a dry photo in first though, right?

On the whole, I think my panic buying worked out pretty well!  Apart from the sweating factor, there wasn’t an outfit that I felt uncomfortable in or didn’t feel like myself in.  I did have a couple of left over outfits at the end of the trip.  I hate taking things just to bring them back again.  I do kind of wish I’d been able to put together more of a capsule wardrobe with more creative elements to make things look different.  To be fair though, everything fit in the suitcase and I felt good in everything I wore.  I also managed to fully relax for the first time in I don’t know how long and then get my head in the right space for moving and decorating.  Definitely a well needed break, as soon as I step foot back in Sheffield the house work began!  Lots of house development updates coming very soon!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



General update

After a pretty dramatic month of house, holiday and hospital, right now seems like the right time to stop procrastinating and get back to the blog.

August has definitely been my fresh start month. New house. Fresh(ish) tan. And a very dramatic MOT down at A&E.  Luckily I’ve not completely abandoned my photography attempts during this time, just my ability to type out any of the nonsense going on in my head.

The new house has the perfect make shift office area for all my super important outfit and decorating ramblings to make their way online.


Stay tuned!

Much love!



The nightmare of buying a house update

After waiting 6 whole months, I have finally completed on buying my very first house!  When my offer was accepted in January I had no idea it would take so long and be such an emotional roller coaster of a journey.  Obviously a lot of people told me what a stressful process it is, but I think it’s one of those things you never really believe until you go through it.  Or maybe I was just being a bit cocky.

I always like to think I go for the easiest options whenever possible, but that clearly isn’t true.  While I was overjoyed and relieved to not have to deal with solicitors anymore, 4 days after completion it’s holiday time.  Great timing.

Mentally and physically I’m definitely ready for a break.  I currently have a million and one things I want to do all at the same time.  I’m hoping a bit of time away in the sun will put me in the right frame of mind to come back and be a boss at being a first time buyer!

Fingers crossed!

In the mean time, I’ve pretty much panic bought and packed for a lovely girly holiday so hopefully I’ll be able to pass for someone who has their life together while I work on my tan!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: H&M shopping spree

It’s taken approx 14 years of practice but I think I’ve finally cracked the mystery of successful clothes shopping.  After a lovely trip to the spa with my new roomie, what better than an impromptu shopping trip?  I usually avoid the high street like the plague (I know, shops need support or they’ll disappear blah, blah, blah).  We went into H&M after seeing a gorgeous jumpsuit in a magazine while waiting in the relaxation room.  Didn’t think about the fact it was an old feature and it had clearly sold out by now.  Never mind.  In our completely relaxed haze, we pretty much bought everything we touched without stopping to really see what we had or how much it cost.  What can I say, we know how to live dangerously!

I am so impressed with our communal haul.  We accidentally managed to collectively buy the perfect capsule wardrobe.  Pretty much everything fits us both perfectly and pretty much everything looks like it’ll go together to make the best outfits.

This has to be the way forward.  Communal wardrobes.  Twice the amount of clothes without having to fork out for everything.  It’s also a refreshing change having options that I wouldn’t necessarily pick myself.  We’ve got fairly similar styles but do usually pick out pieces that the other wouldn’t.  Perfect harmony if you ask me!

Either H&M have an amazing shop layout with subliminal shopping hints, or we both have incredible natural style and ability to pick out outfits without having to think about it.  I’m going to be unrealistically optimistic and choose to believe the latter.  In all our circuits around the shop, there’s a very good chance we’ve just shopped a ready made collection, but the whole experience was stress free and felt a little bit cheeky.  Perfect shopping trip for me, might give real life shopping a go a bit more often (I’m sure my bank account will hate me for that!)

I am very excited to get properly into styling all these new pieces and transforming into the grown up goddess I’m picturing in my head right now.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: jewellery week update

So this was never the most challenging challenge but it did prove to be a little bit more difficult than I thought it could be.  I did try and do a bit of prep work and plan sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, but I didn’t think about having to pair everything with clothes and it’s amazing how long it can take to put jewellery on!

I have always been a massive fan of stacking rings, they lasted approx 20 mins on the first day.  In my opinion, they look great for posing but are so impractical for any kind of hand movements.  Not saying I won’t try them again, but maybe when I’m trying to be good looking in a bar.  Wearing earrings every day for the first time in I don’t know how long was slightly painful but doable.  I probably cheated my own challenge a little bit by sticking with pretty safe necklace options, I could have gone a lot bigger and crazier but honestly, I didn’t want to get laughed at at work.  Bracelets for me are a bit of a pain, I find they just get in the way or get caught on things (I’m aware that probably makes me a little bit special).  I’ll be sticking with watches though, they’re a nice little perk of the job.

Basically what I’ve taken from this week is I definitely prefer more delicate pieces that I can put on and forget about.  I think it’s definitely time to get rid of the big bold statement things that I probably bought about 8 years ago because they were from Topshop and an absolute bargain.  Is it really a bargain though if you never wear them?

I think I’m just going to have to get rid of the old tat and shop for some new more grown up pieces and try my absolute hardest to put more effort in try styling myself.  Good luck to me!

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Crafty bits: knitted blanket

Like any cool and hip twenty-something, my Friday night has been spent crocheting knitted rectangles together.  Such a party life I know.

Like the majority of projects I start, this has been half done for quite some time.  Just a sad pile of forgotten rectangles getting tangled up every time they got shifted over to a different seat.  What better way to spend Friday night than finally putting them all together into yet another blanket.


I’m definitely not claiming to be any kind of knitting expert – I was first taught by the local lollypop lady when I was probably around 7 years old.  YouTube has been a massive help jogging all those dinner time knitting club lessons but so far I’ve been playing it pretty safe and sticking to fairly basic stitches.  I like my knitting to be chunky and grow fast.  I think I’ve mentioned before my slightly irrational fear of committing to colour.  My usual tactic would be to stick to one colour and then not be a massive fan of the outcome.  When I was browsing online for reasonably priced wool (basically all my shopping is done online) I came across the best wool website ever – yes I am that sad. has all different colour packs, selections of colours that i think are supposed to have been chosen by designers so they work perfectly together.  I feel like I need to point out I’m not sponsored by them (although I’d love to be!).  I’m so happy with the results.

I can’t quite decide if I’d hate to work out how many hours I’ve spent knitting or if I’m quite proud of my dedication.  One of the plans for my new house is a hygge feel (is that how you use that word in a sentence?)  I want anyone who comes to visit to feel cosy and at home.  Anything that avoids paying for heating is also a pretty good bonus – not that I’m a cheap skate or anything.  I still need to do all the pesky stitching rogue tails in, but there’s plenty of time before any sign of a move in date!

One pretty satisfying thing about (nearly) finishing a blanket, I can now curl up under up with a glass of wine and finally watch the final Pretty Little Liars episode!


Stay tuned for the many more blankets in the near future!

Much love!