Style: latest challenge update

I might be a little bit late on the update, but I have managed to take pictures all week and here’s the little write up.  Well done me.

Just a little recap on my plan for last week.  I didn’t plan any outfits in advance but I did set myself a few little rules to make it some kind of challenge.

Rule 1 – No jeans.

Rule 2 – Only items that haven’t seen the light of day in over 6 months.

Rule 3 – Add a bit of office appropriate spice into the outfit.


Shouldn’t be rocket science and should be pretty easy to follow.  Famous last words.

Day one

I think the first day gets two ticks and a ‘nice try but try harder next time’.  I bought this dress a few years ago from ASOS (obviously) and have only worn it a hand full of times.  Recently I’ve been subconsciously avoiding anything tight fitting so figured that’s something else I could throw into the mix to make at least one day of the week so much more challenging.  This dress made me feel surprisingly comfortable and bonus, I didn’t feel too conscious to eat biscuits in the office, who actually cares about a little biscuit belly?   The nice try part of my self marking system comes from rule 3.  I was kind of trying to make my hair the spice in the outfit but that is a bit of a cop out, even if it’s a new(ish) style for work.


Day two

This outfit made me feel like an old fashioned magician.  Not a massive fan.  Didn’t hate it completely and it didn’t really affect my day but I don’t think it’s a combination I would wear again.  I tried the chunky necklace and clashing print shoe for a bit of something different, but I’m not so sure it really pulled together as it did in my head.  This was also just a ridiculous day at work.  Glass of wine waiting at the door ridiculolus.  This could be why I really didn’t care how what was going on with all my mismatched layers.

Night two

Luckily, after a stressful day at work came a chilled out, very late housewarming gathering (not a full blown party, no energy left for that on a school night).  I thought I’d stick to the rules though which lead me to these cute little lace shorts and crochet kind of off the shoulder top.  This was a little bit of a cheat seeing as neither of these items are mine, but neither of them have been worn in the past 6 months so I think it’s fine.  My outfit toppers for the night were definitely wine and chocolate, yes they absolutely count.


Day three

I felt more put together on this day, but not entirely myself.  I could have been the tight, short skirt, or just the whole shirt/skirt combo.  Didn’t dislike it as much as day two but didn’t feel as good as days one or four.  I would like to try and make this shirt work with a more grown up feeling outfit, I’m sure Pinterest has many denim shirt outfit ideas.  I do love these velvet boots though (ASOS).  Not too bad on the comfort scale and they brought in a nice amount of compliments.  It was a bit freeing to have my legs kind of out as well.  Like with day one avoiding tight things, I also usually avoid getting my legs out so why not try and break that negatively fueled cycle?


Day four

Saturday at work can only mean one thing, the comfiest clothes possible.  I’m pretty sure neither of these items have seen the light of day in the past 6 months, but I could be wrong.  Loved this outfit, even if it isn’t the most flattering thing in photos.  The little spice to this outfit was my cute (if I do say so myself) little french plait and a bright red lip, I’m not sure if it counts but I was wearing a strappy little soft bra under this top which gave me that cheeky little confidence boost that no one else knew about.  This was also a day that lasted about 3 weeks on its own so being comfy was such a bonus.

Night four

This weeks nights outs have really lined up perfectly with bad work day.  Saturday night was the first girls night out of the year for one of my lovely friends birthdays.  Technically nothing I was wearing had seen the light of day before.  It’s all new, I can’t lie.  Everything is from ASOS.  I did feel a little bit self conscious when I was getting ready because this was the first time I’d worn vinyl trousers and a basically non existent top.  I don’t think clothes should have that much negative power, so the only thing to do was get over it and get myself into an Uber.  I am really glad I didn’t get changed, and huge bonus, these trousers have pockets.


The most stressful thing of this week had to be trying to find the items that haven’t been worn in 6 months.  Everything wearable was buried deep in the back of the wardrobe.  I definitely need to have a clear out and reorganise.  It would be so nice to find some new old work outfits with pockets, I have resorted to going back to jeans for today because I really have missed having somewhere to put my phone.  I’ve just changed my mind about the most stressful thing of the week.  Coming up with an extra bit of something to jazz up my outfit in the morning was pretty much impossible.  I still haven’t really unpacked most of my jewellery after moving house and that was one not completely unmanageable rule but could do with a little bit more planning.

Maybe I need to adopt a mix of actually having an organised wardrobe room then I should know what I have and where it is so I can constantly wear different things but not have to rigidly plan everything ahead.  Am I really that organised though?

If anyone has any ideas for my next style challenge, please let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned!

Much love!




Style: no black clothes for a week update

This week has been a pretty successful one I think. I did forget to document one day, but I’ve decided to let myself off with that one. So just to remind anyone who cares, the (very complicated) work wear challenge was to cut all black clothes out of my wardrobe for a week. When I realised how few non black items I had, I did expect this week to be a lot harder than it was. Maybe having very limited choice actually made things a little bit simpler, no over facing amount of options, all decisions were pretty much made for me.

Day 1

I can’t quite decide how much of a cheat day this was. I’d said last time black tights and shoes were allowed, but with shorts this outfit turned out to have a lot more black than it probably should have. Mixed feelings about this outfit, I was pretty comfortable all day and didn’t freeze, but the jumper was slightly too cropped and I was wearing fake leather shorts in an office full of slight perverts.

Day 2

This was a crazy day at work. Honestly not too sure how I made it through the day. I was pretty happy with my outfit choice though and there wasn’t any cheating. I was warm and comfortable all day and felt I was at a decent level of professional.

Day 3

Failed at this day. Woke up late and had plans straight after work. Worst excuse ever I know but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I did manage to stick with my planned outfit though so wasn’t a complete failure. I did like this outfit (I went with the jeans from day 2 with the tops) the long sleeveless jacket thing did get a little bit annoying though seeing as I was running up and down stairs all day, there were a few times when I had to take it off before I injured myself. That could just be me being a bit of an idiot though and not having the skill to wear something long and loose.

Day 4

I loved this outfit. There was a little bit of cheating at the ankles with some black heeled boots but we can all live with that, can’t we? The one downside I did have with these culottes was with the fact I never actually got around to sewing the button back on. I did spend the whole day feeling like I had a cheeky secret though, which wasn’t all bad. I need to get out more.

Day 5

The last work day wasn’t strictly a planned outfit. It was a last minute change but I actually loved it. The top might look like a cheat but I promise it’s blue and white not black and white. What better for the end of a long busy week that an outfit that you feel good about yourself in and it happens to be pretty comfortable?

Night 5

After feeling pretty good about my last minute day time outfit, I fell back into old habits with my evening outfit. My very pathetic excuse is that I was in a rush to get ready and didn’t want to make a scene at the engagement party I was heading to in front of a load of people I didn’t know. Clearly the only thing to do in that situation is to wear black and metallic grey. I do kind of wished I’d properly planned ahead and sorted myself with a more colourful outfit, but what can you do. This is an old faithful that I know I generally feel good wearing.

On the whole, this past week has been a success in my eyes. I do think I could do with investing in some more colourful (potentially brightly coloured) work suitable clothing. It did get a little bit samey basically just having a different coloured jumper each day. I realise I didn’t try anything completely mental through this week, but I would quite like to keep my job and not raise too many questions about what I’m doing with my life. Let’s see if I manage to keep any colour into the usual rotation of outfits.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: no black clothes for a week

After the last work wardrobe challenge failed completely, I thought more of a challenge might make the whole thing a bit easier. If that makes any sense at all? Probably not really, but hopefully this week will have at least a little bit more success than the last attempt. Not exactly a high bar to beat.

I’ve been wanting to do this self imposed challenge (if you can call it that) for a few weeks but just haven’t gotten around to getting it sorted or planned in any way. Basically the idea is to cut all black out of my wardrobe for a week. I feel like my go to winter work wardrobe has gone a little bit too funeral style and needs a bit of shaking up. At no point did I think about the amount of clothes I have that aren’t black. This could be an interesting week.

I was going to drag Lizzy into this challenge, which being the queen of black and grey she was thrilled at the prospect, but I literally don’t think we have enough colours between us to put enough outfits together.

So I started by pulling out everything even slightly coloured. Such a great selection. Or maybe not.

For a start, there’s quite a few short sleeves in this pitiful selection and I’d rather not freeze during the week. It’s a good job I don’t work somewhere with a strict dress code, I feel like this is going to be quite a casual week. Or just a plain old questionable time. Hopefully I won’t raise too many questions about my mental stability.

Before I get onto what I’ve put together as prospective outfits for the week, I’m going to put it out there that black tights and shoes aren’t being thrown out for the week otherwise I think I would get frostbite.

This is what I’ve come up with. Blue jeans are going to be featuring with the long jacket things and I do need to remember to sew a button back on the check culottes. You can’t expect me to be organised enough to get things like that sorted in advance.

I have really mixed feelings about this whole thing. And I’m being far too dramatic about it, it’s only a few questionable outfits, what’s the worst that can happen? I have a severe lack of colourful clothes so I think by next weekend I’ll either be shopping for more colours or burning the ones I have because it’s been a complete disaster. I am hoping for a positive feeling at the end of the week, after all I do love any excuse to justify a bit of unnecessary shopping.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: no nail biting challenge 

Since my name has been mentioned on here a few times already I should probably introsuce myself…Hi, I’m Liz. Also known as “the housemate”, “Lizzy”, “the workmate”, “the best pal and “drinks bitch”…

So this is the start of my journey to having nicer hands and nails.

Anything would be an improvement on what they look like right now! Chipped, chewed and tatty. First things first, take that old nail varnish off! I’ve picked and bitten my nails for as long as I remember, I’m 27 now and I now see how important it is to have nice nails. If you were to guess my profession from my hands you would probably think I was a butcher or a brick layer…but no. 

The time has come for me to be a real grown up and stop destroying my nails. The real challenege will be not to bite them. I will be sharing a photo in 1 week to show the progress…in the mean time, if Hannah sees me sabotaging this challenge she has my consent to whack me. 

So I’ll wither see you next week with lovely manicured hands or a black eye.

Stay tuned.

Much love, Liz x