Style: shopping in my own wardrobe

After my last attempt of not planning a thing but trying to put outfits together using only things that haven’t been out in the real world for the past 6 months, I got a little curious about what else is hiding in the back of the wardrobe.

I thought I’d give myself a bit of a helping hand by pulling some things out that I didn’t really recognise so was pretty sure they hadn’t been out in a while. To be fair, some of these items could belong to Liz and that’s why I didn’t remember them. They still haven’t been out and about in a while so I don’t think it’s cheating that much.

A lot of the pieces I did pull out where quite pattern heavy so I decided as long as each days outfit had at least one old item, that’s just fine.

Day 1

This outfit had a shirt/dress thing that I’m fairly sure isn’t mine and hasn’t seen the light of day in at least a year. I felt a bit like a 90s art geek, but didn’t hate it. Maybe this top would be better suited to summer, maybe with a cami dress just to keep with the 90s theme.

Day 2

I loved this outfit. Definitely not my skirt and I was definitely wearing it the wrong way round for most of the day, but it was so comfy and made me feel pretty amazing. It also helped that I was wearing a pyjama top and the comfiest soft bra ever. Never been such a fan of skirts but I think I’ve been converted.

Day 3

I’m not too sure what happened here. A bit ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ or ‘Blossom’ or any other 80s/90s teen show. Didn’t hate it though. Super comfy. Maybe I should try all these pieces in different outfits for more put together looks.

Day 4

Love, love, love this look. It was a nice little bonus that this skirt never used to fit. I think maybe because I’ve never been such a fan of skirts, feeling good in this one made everything so much better. Definitely converted to the world of skirts.

Night 4

This night saw an impromptu, surprise blind date. Moral of the story, don’t give your number out to strangers on a night out. Especially the ones you know are weird even after a couple of glasses of wine. The night wasn’t a complete bust though. Managed to put together an outfit I absolutely loved with some trousers that probably haven’t seen a night on the town in well over a year. Hopefully next time this outfit comes out it’ll be on not such a crazy date night.

Day 5

This was a hangover from hell day. Wild Friday nights out do not mix with work on a Saturday morning. This outfit was maybe a cheat. I can’t remember the last time I wore these trousers, I went off them at some point last year because the fit started feeling a bit funny. They did the job for the day though. I made it through wrapped up in the comfiest jumper ever. Second moral for the blog – don’t do shots when you have work in the morning.

Overall I think this was a pretty successful week, although to feel properly put together the planning definitely has to be there. There’s more shopping to be done in my own wardrobe before I need to go anywhere near a shop but I’m sure I can come up with some more current looks rather than slightly odd throw back attempts.

For this next week, I’m giving up on planning altogether. I’m leaving my weeks wardrobe completely up to Liz. She’ll be picking my outfits (including shoes) and having the final say in what is going on with my hair and makeup.

I’m quite looking forward to a week without decisions.

Stay tuned!

Much love!




Style: hair gone wild

What is the best way to chill out after a crazy busy day at work? Do crazy things with your hair and take photos? That’s what everyone does on a Tuesday night isn’t it?

It might not be what normal people do, but I don’t think I ever claimed to be that normal.

I don’t think there’s really that much (or any) explanation to be given. My hair might be nearly not existent but it can still be made to point in many different directions with very limited effort.

So I could totally get away with these for day to day looks, right?

I had such a laugh doing this little impromptu photo shoot and from the laughing Lizzy was doing I think it must have been pretty funny to watch. I’ve clearly found the perfect place to take photos, perched on the back of the sofa with all the mess pushed just out of shot.

I did get to have a play with my new ring light, and it was the perfect de-stress. Absolutely great Tuesday night! I think there’s definitely more things I can get this hair to do and I can’t wait to try it all out.

Stay tuned!

Much love!



Style: hair experiments

I’ve always been the kind of girl who gets bored pretty quickly with any hairstyle. It probably started when I was a teenager. I never really had a rebellious streak, but every time I had my hair done I always wanted to get my monies worth so that clearly meant a completely different style each time. 

When I went short again this time, I’d been looking on YouTube to try and find a bit of inspiration for anything to do with my new lack of hair. The results were far from inspirational. In fact, they were just a joke. If a title was ‘16 amazing styles for short hair’ you could guarantee it’d be three or four combinations of straight hair and curly hair with slightly different partings. So boring. Now I’m not claiming to be a hair expert, but surely there’s a little bit more versatility even with short hair.

Now I’ve never liked making things easy for myself, so after I’d had loads of potentially amazing ideas, I went for a trim and pretty much got scalped. Not trying to make excuses, just explaining my failures in advance.

So starting of easy, this is my usual day to day style, a side parting with a bit of volume. Not groundbreaking I know, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Second is a getting it all out in the front. I’m still not claiming it’s groundbreaking, but I have to say I wore my hair like this today and felt pretty good about myself and it felt like an effortless change.

Third is, in my opinion, the perfect style for anyone who wants to go about their day and not have to think about hair getting in their eyes or heaven forbid, looking like you’ve made zero effort for that day.

Fourth is a good old quiff. I quite often find myself either not having time to spent on my hair and face in the morning or just being too busy with a project to want to think about my hair. I think a nice textured lump on the top of the head solves both these issues.

Fifth is another plait, but it’s chunky and behind a fringe so it’s completely different from the first one.

Sixth is plaits again but this time there are two of them and there’s no left over hair. I’ve got two confessions to make with this style, Liz did it for me and it worked much better when my hair was a smidge longer. I still think it’s a pretty cool hair style, and I can say that brag free because it’s not my handy work.  

So I may have failed just as much as any YouTube person, but I like to think I’ve tried and not claimed to have the amazing answers to anything. 

While having a play around though, I did discover my hair can now do many wild and wonderful things. We ended up laughing just a little bit too much to actually get any decent pictures though. I’ll definitely work on my poker face, properly stretch the limits of my new limited hair and get some good pictures taken!

Stay tuned!

Much love!