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Style: Dr Martens for work part 2

Am the only person who quite looks forward to the first normal week in January? After all the craziness, stress and complete loss of time is over and normal life can be resumed. After finding myself loving the last Dr Martens challenge and eventually finding my missing brown boot, January seems like the perfect time […]


Style: winter prep

Summer is definitely over now, that can only mean one thing. Hibernation. As much as I’d love to spend the next six months curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and the world’s biggest supply of bad films, but there is still life going on out in the cold and I probably should embrace […]


Style: Liz styling my blue hair update

I finally did it. Followed a challenge for one whole week. So proud of myself. It has been such a hard week having my clothes picked out and having to put them on all by myself. Striped shirt. Pale blue trousers. Silver metallic shoes. Accidental cleavage. This was my first day at work debuting my […]